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Winter months can be pretty mild in Middle Tennessee, however, there are always periods of very, very cold weather and sometimes winter will surprise us with lots of snow and frigid temperatures for several days.. Historically, the lowest temperature measured in Nashville was back in 1985, when the temperature dropped down to -17 degrees Fahrenheit. The coldest month of the year in the area is January when the temperature average is as low as 32 degrees.

To Northerners, this may not sound too bad, but for us living in the South, we know our house can suffer damage in such cold temperatures. Pipes freeze and burst, we experience electrical outages, our floors get cold, and heating units can’t keep up with our demand for heat. The indoor temperature can be difficult-to-impossible to keep above 65 degrees F. How can we prepare our house for such extreme cold weather?

Did you know that our encapsulation system can keep floors in your home warm all winter long?

With our encapsulation system called CleanSpace, you can achieve a controlled environment in your crawl space, and your house will be ready for any extreme weather patterns that may occur during the year. With CleanSpace, the cold air doesn’t get in and the area under your house stays warm even on a coldest winter day, and your pipes won’t freeze. In summertime, this system prevents hot air from entering the crawl space and prevents moisture and mold from spreading.

CleanSpace is installed on the crawl space walls and floor, which creates a vapor barrier. We close off all vents that were installed around the foundation – it’s an old belief that the crawl space needs those vents. Vents let humid air and moisture in, which causes mold growth and wood rot under the house and allows rodents to get in and nest. We don’t want this happening under your house, so we seal the vents off.

CleanSpace keeps your crawl space nice and clean all year long and keeps your feet warm in winter!

Our company would love to help you with your crawl space problems and offer permanent solutions, whether you have a wet, moldy, foul-smelling, dirty, or cold crawl space or foundation that’s failing and cracking. We offer a wide variety of services at a reasonable price that can turn your crawl space into a dry, clean, and lasting crawlspace. Our specialists can inspect your crawlspace for free!

Call 615-547-8701 or visit our website to schedule your inspection today!

Devon Bagwell, Marketing Manager –

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