Ask the Expert - A Trust Beneficiary Is Able To Make Purchases Independently | Nashville Christian Family Magazine August 2023 issue - free Christian magazine

Question:  My adult son would like to be able to spend some of his special needs trust money without coming to me for approval.  I want him to have some independence, too.  I know his trust cannot give him cash.  Is there any other way for him to have some spending money that he can manage on his own?

Answer: I’m happy to tell you, there is a way.  We have a TrueLink Credit Card that your son can use.  Our trust company will deposit money, from his trust, on his credit card.  Parameters are set for what he can purchase.  Your son will have a printed copy of what types of purchases he can make. If he tries to purchase something that is not permitted, the transaction will be denied. 

Darlene A. Kemp, MPH, MBA-HCM, Executive Director  – Vista Points Special Needs Trusts, – 888-422-4076

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