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A study showed that after thirteen days into the summer, parents were ready for school to start. The reasons ranged from trying to be the recreation coordinator, planning ahead, reining in excessive screen time, and lacking in finances.

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10 Ideas to Beat Those Summer Blues

  1. Create a bucket list with your kids of the things they’d like to do or learn. Place boundaries on the cost and distance. You’d be surprised with what they come up with.
  2. Do visit local sites unique to Nashville such as the zoo, Adventure Science Center, Tennessee State Museum, Sounds Minor League Baseball, or Country Music Hall of Fame.
  3. Get your kids outdoors. Walk across the pedestrian bridge in downtown Nashville. The “Greenways for Nashville” website provides maps and trails. Want to get away from the city? Yes, it’s hot, but consider going berry picking or attend a county fair. Close to home  a sprinkler cools off the kids and provides tons of squeals.
  4. Plan for rainy day activities. There’s plenty in your house for kids to create, bake or revisit. Suggest they try a recipe from another country, create a craft or art project, form a band, revisit a puzzle, or make a tent. McDonalds and Chick-fil-A provide indoor play places to burn off steam. Invite another mom and her kids to go with you for lunch and playtime.
  5. Allow for boredom. Don’t think you have to plan every minute of a child’s day as unscheduled play works a different part of a child’s brain than used at school. Allow them to create, imagine, and dream this summer. It doesn’t cost a thing.
  6. Communicate clearly on the screen time allowed. Keep screens out of bedrooms and in the open where you can monitor usage. One mom I know turns off the Wi-fi after 11 p.m.
  7. Seek free opportunities. Libraries and local bookstores schedule story time (check their websites) for younger kids and may add a craft or activity to go with the book. For teens, find opportunities to volunteer.
  8. Cheap is next best. Recreation and community centers offer activities for kids at a low daily fee. Check out the Nashville.gov website for more information. The Brentwood Skate Center and local bowling alleys also offer inexpensive old-time fun.
  9. Attend Vacation Bible School. If you haven’t sent your child to one, sign up! Some churches still offer VBS in July. Churches rarely charge for this event (unless you want a t-shirt) and offer a fun way to learn about the Bible and hear the Gospel message—an eternal benefit.
  10. Eat ice cream! Ice cream always cools off and brightens moods on a hot, steamy summer day.

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