Special Needs Trust and Mental Illness - Sad Old Woman. Depressed Lonely Senior Lady With Alzheimer, Deme | Nashville Christian Family Magazine - May 2023 issue - Free Christian Magazine

Q: How do you answer those who say, “My mom’s dementia isn’t the issue for our family. It’s not something we need to worry about. After all, we have other issues related to how mom is acting that we need to deal with.”

A: This question lets me know that the family IS in need of help. The mother’s dementia is affecting the family because they do say there is an issue.

Instead of giving guidelines for the family to follow, I ask this question. “What do you believe you need?” I can step in, depending on the family’s situation and offer suggestions on how a special needs trust may benefit their loved one.

Darlene A. Kemp, MPH, MBA-HCM, Executive Director  – Vista Points Special Needs Trusts, www.vistapoints.org – 888-422-4076

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