Lives Changed Through the Programs of The Salvation Army: Camp Changed Jenny’s Life - Camp Walter Johnson 2016 | April 2023 issue \ Nashville Christian Family Magazine

Being a girl from the city, Jenny didn’t really think The Salvation Army Camp Paradise Valley on Dale Hollow Lake would be something she would like. Being out in nature wasn’t something she was familiar with, but she decided to give it a try. 

Jenny signed up for the out door path at camp and soon realized that it wasn’t at all what she expected. Having to catch frogs and learn about their life cycle and ecosystem…gross! But at the same time, that path introduced her to something she loved –archery. 

Another discovery happened when Jenny was introduced to singing songs as a part of a performance.Having never been exposed to live music, she had no idea the gift that God had given her was just waiting inside to burst free.

This newly found talent did more than uplift the spirits of others. She was able to use her voice as a spring board to a better education being accepted to into a local arts magnet school. Then her gift has enabled her to do something many of her friends could only dream about….travel. Jenny was able to travel to Chicago to a music camp and later her voice would lead the way to a trip to Africa.

When looking back on camp Jenny says, “They taught me I shouldn’t be afraid of what I believe in, and that I am going to be a successful person.” Her camp experience has not only built lifelong memories but has opened doors to a brighter future than she would have known if she had never been given the opportunity to learn what was possible.

*names have been changed

Misty Ratcliff, Development and Communications Manager, The Salvation Army, Nashville Area Command –

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