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Springtime and baseball season always seem to go together. It’s a great time of the year!

While I enjoy watching baseball, I want to focus on the umpires that call the games, especially the ones positioned behind home plate. Theyhave a certain crouching positionand certain protocol when calling a baseball game. Theumpire willchoose either a ball or strike anddo so with authority and certainty. Even if ithas notbeencompletely clear, hecannot go back and ask the pitcher for a“do-over”. He makes the call as he sees it. 

There is a verse in the bible that speaks of the peace of God umpiring our hearts: Colossians3:15, “Let the peace of God rule your hearts”. 

The Greek word for “rule” is brabeuo, which means “to arbitrate”. The root of brabeu is brabeus which means to “umpire.” (Strong’s Concordance).

In other words, there are times when a choice must be made yet, the decision is not completely clear. Here the Word of God tells us that we must let the “peace” of God be our guide. The peace of God will act like an “umpire” for our hearts and cause us to be decisive. 

Personally, I have been at this point many times in my life. I have come to a fork in the road and have been uncertain which way to continue. I have used this verse and acted upon the choice that brought me the most “peace in my heart”. It has proven to be an excellent road map.

The next time you find yourself at a crossroad, allow the peace of God to be your determining factor. Strike or ball –decide and then go for it!

Rhonda Smart, [email protected]

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