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A monthly column on diet, exercise and my weight loss journey.

Over the last few months, there has been no shortage of news crossing my desk having to do with weight loss. Here are just a few reports I thought you would find interesting.


Don’t worry if you fall off the diet wagon —initial failure is a necessary step to a successful diet. It’s very common to put weight back on as soon as a diet is over, but researchers at York University in Canada conclude that this may actually not be a bad thing. Instead, their study finds that a diet setback can act as a learning experience that can help achieve sustained weight loss in the future, and overall improve your health.


Want an easy way to lose some extra tonnage? According to the book The Little Book of Detox Tips, you’ll lose four pounds in a year if you stand instead of sit whenever you’re on the phone.


Trying to lose weight? Make sure you have a jar of peanut butter handy. Health experts say that peanut butter helps you drop excess pounds. According to an article in Men’s Health, this is because eating a spoonful or two of peanut butter can help you fight off hunger and contributes to consuming fewer calories later.


Trying to lose weight? Beware of the party effect. According to an article in Glamour, people eat about 44 percent more when they’re around other people than when they’re alone.

Now, while all these tips and tricks are interesting food for thought, you and I both know that nothing is going to change without taking deliberate action and going it alone is hard. Do you need some extra help in your diet and exercise goals? Let me point you to the people that helped me lose 65 pounds in 16 weeks –the staff at Cool Springs MD. Dr Lodge and his team of personal trainers, dieticians and medical professionals are ready to help you with their stated goal for everyone to be “Happy, Healthy and Whole”

What has helped you lose weight? Any tips you would like to share? I welcome your feedback, thoughts and ideas and look forward to sharing them in a future article. You can email me at [email protected] or feel free to call me during my live radio show –on weekdays between 3 pm –7 pm on 94 FM The Fish. (800) 826-3637

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