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Schools, and particularly schools of higher learning, have long been recognized as a battleground of ideas and philosophies competing for acceptance in the culture war. As a constitutional lawyer, I have litigated many cases over the years on behalf of students, faculty and professors who faced school discipline or the loss of their job over their advocacy of Christian views in an educational forum. 

Whether the controversy involved a student wanting to pass out gospel tracts to his fellow students, a faculty member who wanted to meet with their peers for morning prayer, a group of students wanting to form a Bible club or a graduate student who dared to weave Christian principles into their proposed doctoral thesis, each of these cases tested in court our commitment as a nation to founding principles of free speech and free exercise of religion.

The tension between the free expression of traditional Christian ideals and principles in the public square versus the counter, secularized dogma endorsed by those in leadership roles in higher education has been present in subtle ways ever since the dawn of public education in the late 19th century.  Today, this contrast of views presents a much more combative landscape.  High school football coaches like Joseph Kennedy, who knelt for a quiet moment of personal prayer on a football field now have to fight their case all the way to the Supreme Court in order to vindicate their personal right of religious free speech.  While Coach Kennedy ultimately prevailed, Justice Sotomayor penned a stinging 35-page dissent in which she attacked the court’s ruling for endangering separation of church and state – a phrase that is nowhere found in our constitution.

Thankfully, there are still viable alternatives for parents and students who desire merely the unfettered freedom to openly express their Christian views without the threat of retaliation, ridicule or censorship, and to thrive in an educational environment that welcomes their participation in academic debate of issues which are at the center of our culture war today. 

Fortunately, we have such an alternative to this combative approach to academic freedom here in Williamson County, in a college that serves as a sentinel to open and robust religious expression by students and faculty.  Williamson College is a shining example of both academic excellence and integration of a biblical

worldview into every area of study. Yes, these two ideals can not only co-exist, but students who are immersed in this educational approach, actually flourish, as

demonstrated in the strong leaders this school is producing each year in our community.  

Williamson College offers a unique, caring environment committed to equipping and empowering students to be strong, effective leaders and to be “on-mission in the world for Christ,” regardless of their calling or chosen vocation.

The college’s instructors are aligned with the school’s value to provide education that is taught from an unwavering Christian worldview. All academic programs, including non-ministry related degrees, include required courses that provide a rich foundation that equips graduates in servant leadership, hermeneutics, apologetics, missions studies, and other theological and doctrinal training. It is a safe environment, where students of all backgrounds can confidently bring thoughts and questions into an intimate classroom setting of 6-12 students per instructor, and leave engaged and enthused about the Gospel.

If you are looking for an authentically Christian education, I heartily recommend that you consider Williamson College located in Franklin, TN. For more information, go to their website: www.williamsoncc.edu

Larry L. Crain, Crain Law Group, PLLC, Trustee of Williamson College


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