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The Bible has a great deal to say about faith. In fact, it seems to be our lifeline to God. Paul writes to the Church of Ephesus and tells them, “I pray that out of his glorious riches He may strengthen you with power through His spirit in your inner being so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith”. (Ephesians 3:16-17a).

Christ dwells in our hearts through faith!  Hebrews 11:6 also tells us, “Without faith, it is impossible to please God.”  God likes faith!

While I know, as a Christian, I am to walk by faith and not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7), I must admit it is not always the easiest to do. 

I did exercise my “faith muscles” as I am sure you did, when I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior and know I will spend eternity with Him in Heaven.  This took a lot of faith, yet day-to-day, it is easier to walk by sight.  I tend to allow my “flesh” to be in control.   

I think what happens is we render enough faith to become a Christian, but then we figuratively put our “faith” on the shelf and live life the best way we can! 

We are missing a supernatural life that God has planned for us when we settle for life through only what we can see and understand.  The Bible tells us that our flesh is an enemy to God (Romans 8:7).

There is an entire unseen world that faith allows us to live in.  In this world, we may experience all of God’s promises, including healing, deliverance, and abundance. However, if we do not activate our faith, we sadly miss God’s best for us.  We miss becoming everything God has planned for us on this side of heaven.  God would not have told us to walk by faith if we were not able to do so.

It is not that we deny our five senses, we just do not accept what we taste, hear, touch, smell or see as the only truth.  We have a big, glorious Spirit that we get to tap into through faith.  Do not miss the opportunity to take His SUPER and mix it with our natural in order to live the SUPERNATURAL life that God has planned for us.

I love the Passion translation of Ephesians 13:16-19:

And I pray that He would unveil within you the unlimited riches of His glory and favor until supernatural strength floods your innermost being with His divine might and explosive power. Then, by constantly using your faith, the life of Christ will be released deep inside you, and the resting place of His love will become the very source and root of your life. Then you will be empowered to discover what every holy one experiences—the great magnitude of the astonishing love of Christ in all its dimensions. How deeply intimate and far-reaching is His love! How enduring and inclusive it is! Endless love beyond measurement that transcends our understanding—this extravagant love pours into you until you are filled to overflowing with the fullness of God!

Make 2023 an awesome, faith-filled, supernatural year!

Rhonda L. Smart, [email protected]

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