What do you usually think of what you think of someone being healthy?

-Huge muscles 

-Super lean 

-Goes to the gym a lot 

-Eats chicken and broccoli all-day 

-Lots of energy 

Most people define health as what someone does/looks like on the OUTSIDE. Even if we don’t mean to. I mean think about someone who you view as healthy. The Rock, Thor, Captain America… But the example that Jesus set for us was WAY different. We don’t know exactly what he looked like. The Bible says He looked just like a normal man.  There was nothing special about His appearance. 

But it didn’t matter. Because healthy to Jesus wasn’t about appearances and outward “actions” like everything was with the Pharisees. It was all about how He could be available and able to do everything the Father had for Him to do. That’s It… 

He rarely even talked about His physical body and its needs. It was usually the disciples that were worried about all that lol.His main sustenance was to be able to do the things that the Father was leading him to do. Most of the time He had to put his body under submission and used it as the vehicle that it was to accomplish the things He had to do while on the earth. And boy did He accomplish them! As long as his physical body empowered him to do those things, He was good. 

We don’t know exactly how “fit” Jesus was, but we do know that He was a carpenter and that He traveled ALL over the region.That was a TON of walking and you would have had to be in pretty decent shape to move that much on a consistent basis. He didn’t let his body have a hold on Him.Things like food, movement, rest etc… were just a means to be able to further the kingdom He was establishing in the hearts of men. If He hadn’t taken care of himself and stewarded His body he would not have been able to accomplish and fulfill all He came to do. And for those of us who are followers of Jesus today, we wouldn’t have our faith. 

This is big stuff… He was fully God and fully man. And still, He was a good steward of the body that would be broken and bruised for us. 

2 quick lessons:

1. We let “health” be a burden to us rather than a vehicle.

Health has become a burden instead of a life-giving resource that allows us to fully have the impact we are called to have. Use your body and health as a testimony and asset that allows us to fully serve God unhindered. 

2. Being healthy is all about what YOU are called to do. 

Being able to use YOUR body to accomplish your calling in life. If having muscles and looking good come with that, GREAT! But those things are secondary, Keep the primary things primary just like Jesus did. Structure your health based on what you need to be able to do to further the kingdom through your life. If it’s climbing mountains to go do missions, Awesome!If it’s staying loose and agile to be able to work at a desk, That’s GREAT too. 

No matter what our calling is, we are called to steward the one and only body we get in this life. 

Ashton Tate | CEO, Glory To Glory Fitness E: [email protected]W: www.glorytogloryfitness.com                
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