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Walk with Tiffany, a LIFNAV Coach

“Your shirt says HOPE, that’s the way, the love, and the light.”

Those were the words of a friend I encountered walking down the street today. He sat down and we engaged in conversation about life. He opened up to tell me about his substance abuse, and of course my first offer was to assist him in retting into rehab. He replied “Yes, when can I go? Can we go now?”

I waited for my co-worker to finish up her conversation and off we went to the ER to get started. I know the process of getting into rehab is often very lengthy and frustrating to walk through because the need is great, and the space is limited. Today, however, something felt different, and I felt this was all going to work out somehow.

My friend was getting anxious and asked, “Is today the day you think?” I replied, “Absolutely today is the day.” I got a phone call about ten minutes later from the amazing ER social worker who gives her all for her patients! She said, “I have a representative here from a treatment center, would your friend want to talk?”

The treatment center had ONE bed left open today, and my friend got it. Today’s journey for my friend and I ended on the path to healing.

It was a sweet reminder of my why, the mission behind the shield and the longing of my heart to see the One. It was a reminder how simple kindness and conversation can change lives in this world. It is amazing how such a small action is vitally important to our survival. I whole heartedly believe Gods hands were all over this situation today! It was as a reminder that something so basic can be the HOPE someone needs to keep on living…and it costs only time.

When you feel hopeless, remember HOPE is on the WAY!

This is a first person account as written by Tiffany Ladd, LIFNAV Outreach Team Lead

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