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(Part Two)

Last month I introduced our readers to James Herring, 86, of Murfreesboro. James has spent nearly two-thirds of his life developing what he calls LIFE PLAN, a personal commitment to a ‘balanced life’.

His LIFE PLAN consists of (1) Spiritual Pursuits (2) Work, Business and Profession (3) Home and Family (4) Play and Recreation.  James does not presume to tell readers how to cross every ‘T’ or how to dot each ‘I’…but shares insight into how his LIFE PLAN has provided a personal standard for reaching every goal he pursued.

For example…he does not suggest a specific career path or business to own or what types of recreation will be most-rewarding…but identifies some premises to build a LIFE PLAN on.  Remember the three (3) questions James wants readers to answer. (1) What am I trying to achieve? (2) What are the most-important things in my life?  (3) What is keeping me from reaching my goals? 

Define Specific Goals: State goals clearly in writing. Devise a plan for achievement. Establish deadlines for attainment.

Develop self confidence: Learn to think, plan and perform without limitations. Rely on your own judgment and initiatives by reading, studying, and visualization and then perform.  Without plans a person is planning to fail.

Determine to persist: Continue to persevere until each goal is satisfactorily achieved. Never accept a temporary setback as defeat.


Have an attitude of gratitude…perhaps with a prayer such as “Thank You Father for creating and loving me so that I can have a personal relationship with You. Thank You Jesus for dying on the cross for my sins that I can spend eternity with You. Thank You for The Holy Spirit, The Great Comforter Who is available to me every day of my life on earth. Thank You for Your unconditional love. I love and worship You…and You are worthy of all my praise. You are Lord of my life. Amen.”

James reads inspirational materials each day; using a one-dollar bill as a different ‘bookmark’ for a total of $365 annually which are invested in purchasing books and publications to give others.


Look for a career or vocation that includes more than making money. Render services in the form of ideas and inventions that could make life easier and more enjoyable for others. Creative ideas will guide those who are searching.

Be an entrepreneur in thoughts, words and deeds with an attitude of expectations. Acquire specialized knowledge. Develop necessary skills and maintain a proper attitude.

It has been said by many wise people: Find something you enjoy doing and you’ll never work another day in your life.

Thoughts control our emotions.  Those emotions control or trigger our actions. We can control our thoughts. Therefore, we can control our emotions and actions.


James believes family history is important…and should be shared among siblings, children, grandchildren and other relatives. Each person has a story. That story needs to be shared for encouragement and for a sense of being connected to those whose love is needed and worthwhile.

Accentuate the positive. Talk good health, happiness, love and prosperity to others. Look at the sunny side of everything…asking a question…what ‘good’ can I find in every situation and circumstance?

Wear a cheerful countenance at all times. Think the ‘best’; work for the ‘best’…and expect the ‘best’. Give time and energy to self-improvement, having no time to criticize others.


James believes each person needs a hobby or some form of recreation. All work and no play makes for a boring person and a boring life. Remember, everything must be done in balance. For some that may be golf or running.

James has included boating, walking, hiking and bicycling as his recreation. In fact he rode his bicycle regularly until his 80th birthday.

He still maintains a daily routine of physical fitness in his personal gym with stretches and procedures for cardio strength such as bench presses, pull-ups, sit-ups and curls. He notes that nutrition is approximately 85% of any Health and Wellness Program.

NOTE: James wants to share with others what has taken years for him to develop into his LIFE PLAN. To learn more of his successful journey and how to develop a LIFE PLAN…You are welcome to write:

James W. Herring

1164 Blake Court

Murfreesboro, TN 37130


Ralph E. Vaughn

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