I recently celebrated a birthday and with a new year, I have been meditating on the following scripture:

Psalms 92:12-14 (TLB)

“But the godly will flourish like palm trees and grow like the cedars of Lebanon.  For they are transplanted in the Lord’s house.  They flourish in the courts of our God.  Even in old age, they still produce fruit; they will remain vital and green”.

Upon further study, I found deeper truths, so I have made this my banner for my new year!

The godly are compared to two amazing trees.  The first tree is a palm tree.  Did you know that every part of the palm tree is useful?

The palm leaves can be used for the treatment of cancer, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease and wound healing.  The sap contains healing properties as well.  The palm oil is the most popular produce from the tree and can be used for frying and cooking. It can also be used for the manufacturing of cosmetics, soaps, toothpaste, and more.  Because the wood is fibrous, it can be pulled apart and woven together to produce thatched roof coverings, and logs for bridges. The fiber can also be woven to make carpet, wall coverings, practical household items, and furniture.  Not only are palm trees a vital resource, but they are also beautiful to look at.  Their heights can well exceed 20 feet. 

The cedars of Lebanon have been called God’s trees.  The cedar is known for its strength, longevity, and resistance to decay. There is much reference throughout the Bible to the cedars of Lebanon.  It is a tall and noble tree with the average life span anywhere from 300 years to 1000 years.  When King Solomon built the temple, he used cedar trees. 

This comparison of the godly to these two specific trees reveals how we have been created with a fullness of purpose, strong, resilient and a promise of long life.  However, the soil is also vital for these trees to grow as they were designed.

We thrive when we are planted in the proper soil. (v. 14) We will prosper when we are planted in the house of the Lord.  Think about the Parable of the Sower.  The seed is planted in different types of soil.  The best soil was not the soil where anything was added but instead, where rocks and debris have been removed. 

Finally, we can be dynamic, active, and lively even in old age.  Our best days are ahead.  We can and should continue to be productive.

The end of 2022 is right around the corner.  As you begin to think about the upcoming year, I hope you too will make this your banner.  May this be a reminder of how our majestic God has created us to flourish!

The word of God mixed with our faith will accomplish much!

Rhonda L. Smart, [email protected]

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