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How to Streamline Your Morning Routine

Whether you’re getting ready for work or scrambling to get the kids ready for school, streamline your daily routine with these simple tips to save time in the morning:

  1. Set your clothes out the night before. Deciding earlier what you want to wear can save you priceless minutes each morning.
  2. Pack your work/school bag the night before. Make sure your bag has everything you need, and put your wallet, car keys and cell phone in one easy-to-find place.
  3. Brown bagging your lunch? Pack your food the night before to save time.
  4. Make breakfast simple. Breakfast is by far the most important meal of the day, but lack of time in the morning can cause people to skip it. A quick strategy to combat this is to prepare all the materials you need for your breakfast the night before. Otherwise, a simple smoothie or shake mix is quick to prepare in the morning.
  5. Invest in a drip coffee pot with a timer that will start brewing before you even wake up. One-cup and pod-type coffee makers also make a quick cup of joe.

How to Free Up Time on the Weekends

Whether you’re attending a family gathering or completing your weekly to-do list, your precious free time can disappear in a hurry. Make the most out of your weekend with these three simple tips:

  1. Plan for the week ahead. The weekend is meant to be a time for you to have fun, relax and unplug from work. But taking a few minutes of your weekend to plan for the upcoming week can save you a lot of time and stress when the new week arrives. Then your responsibilities are less likely to spill over into the following weekend!
  2. Prioritize your weekend to-do list. When you do have work or projects to get done on the weekend, do the hardest, least fun thing first. Once you have it out of the way, you’ll be able to enjoy the rest of your weekend.
  3. Don’t be afraid to say no. Keep your attention focused on what matters most to you. By living life with that intention, you will know how you want to spend your time and how you don’t. When you say no, make sure you say it to the request and not the person. If you explain why you need to say no, most of the time, people will appreciate that honesty.


4 Ways to Create More Free Time at Home

Between work, kids and maintaining your relationships, you have better ways to spend your time than on chores. That’s why Molly Maid has prepared these four time-saving tips to help you organize your home and eliminate unneeded stress during your daily routine.

  1. Organize. Have a designated place to keep your keys, purse/wallet and cell phone. Getting these belongings organized is an incredibly simple and effective way to save yourself minutes every day. Try to get in the habit of putting items away after every use.
  2. Multitask. Whether it’s putting away clean dishes while making dinner, folding laundry while watching TV or taking out the garbage when going for a run, there are almost endless possibilities for household tasks that can be completed in tandem. Be creative, and find ways to do things simultaneously around your home.
  3. Go online. From paying all of your bills with online or automatic billing to planning a week’s worth of grocery store items on a printable list, make the most of your screen time to limit errands and avoid multiple trips to the store.
  4. Outsource Common Tasks. With the convenience of the internet, it’s easy to automate small tasks that can take up time. Subscribing to certain delivery services can save time and money – pet food, toilet paper and other products you use often are great choices for automated delivery.

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