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This article is based on an interview with Laurie Cardoza Moore, Founder and President of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations and Chairman of Taking Back America’s Children the focus of this interview.

Now, like our children, America’s teachers are targets on the littered battlefield in a complex war that has become the standard in our nation’s educational system.

As Christians, we must support, pray for and uphold the “good teachers” of America. And what is the definition of a good teacher?  Men and women who entered the profession with a true love of learning and a commitment to sharing the art and love of learning with their students—these wonderful teachers are everywhere across the nation.  Many of them are fighting a seemingly losing battle of educating our children amidst Marxists posing as teacher’s unions, billionaires with an agenda to remake the world to their specs and ultimately profit from America’s decline (can we say Bill Gates, children?), and the army of politians, cronies and “experts” controlled by the lure of money from the aforementioned high level puppeteers.

We must stand up and encourage the remnant of good teachers still among us to push back on the intrusion of radical pressures taking seats in their classrooms to exert negative forces on the welfare of our children’s future, and their future leadership of the nation we love. For those of us who love and support Israel and the Jewish brethren we also have very real reason for concern about the next generation of alliance America will offer.  Anti-Semitism and hatred of the Jews is skyrocketing as the norm in today’s curriculum nationwide.

We are seeing the results of the indoctrinations of young teachers in radical left-wing agendas, Small children are being molded into angry little social justice warriors, childhood is being robbed of its innocence by X-rated, age inappropriate sex-ed programs that illicit “gender confusion” as part of the course for children younger than fourth grade. Where will it end?

We must stand up and demand that our good teachers to follow their calling to nuture and educate our children, not be terrified into silence by false accusations and special interest political pressures that demand a narrow definition of state approved curriculum that is both unpopular and a proven failure. 

The one thing that continues to work is putting a quality teacher in front of a classroom and let her exercise her training and professional instincts with the child’s best interest at heart.  Programs do not teach children to read. Teachers do.  Yet teachers are taking the blame for much of what we are seeing  happening today in American education.

This is outrageous! It’s time to end this nightmare! Parents and good teachers must stand and partner together. Teachers are essential workers. America’s teachers are public servants, paid for by our tax dollars. Good teachers want the freedom to follow their calling for our children’s best interests. Taxpayers want to see educational dollars put to effective use.  Both are goals we must aspire to,

Our Founding Fathers, who built America on Judeo-Christian values, told us the only way to keep a free republic is with a well-educated and moral citizenry. Both of these essential building blocks of freedom are under attack— an all-out, well-funded, well-orchestrated attempt in 2022 to destroy families and the legacy of education in America are both a reality. In the balance is our freedom as well as our global leadership as a nation.

I am today calling on honest legislators and true patriots. Do you have the courage to stand up with good teachers and millions of concerned parents to secure the future of America’s next generation of leadership—our children?   The time is now!

Jackie, Monaghan

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