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A tidal wave of crisis has been forming for decades. The storm will continue unless we equip a generation to reach a generation!

We are seeing change on the horizon.

“There arose another generation after them who did not know the Lord or the work that He had done” (Judges 2:10 ESV).

Future generations of our youth and young families will be living in a world that is very different from that to which we are accustomed…It is essential we prepare ourselves, our families, and our children for that new world.

Let’s look at the facts…we see a 93% decline in Biblical worldview over the past three decades. We see 50% of Christians walking away from the church. We see 75% of our young men and women walking away from the church after high school. We see the destruction of the family and its structure. We see our youth struggling with purpose, meaning, and identity.

So, who is at risk? What is at risk? What is the impact of a culture of isolation? Could it be the moral and spiritual decay of the family? Why is this issue so important to our society?

Can a nation thrive beyond its spiritual condition?

More importantly, what is our strategy of redemption?

Victorious Family is redefining the paradigm of family discipleship by making the home the center to navigate change. Church will serve as the support not the primary. For decades, good intentioned parents have advocated the responsibility and roles of the parents to disciple their children to the church, Christian camps, and Christian schools. Transformation of the Family must start in the home where the parents are equipped to be the primary disciples of their children. No school or church can or should take the place of the family. No teacher or pastor can or should do the work of a parent. The home should be the first and best church and the first and finest classroom!

Through our process of equipping, journaling alone the parents with a coach, and providing transformational resources we are seeing transformation. Our process is God Honoring, Christ Centered, and Missional in scope. We help families to flourish. We are praying for Kingdom Minded Parents who desire to Build Kingdom Legacy Homes. Families who become mature and equipped. Families being salt and light in this world, especially in the sphere of influence the Lord has provided.

Signs of a Healthy Family who is on this journey of building a kingdom legacy home?

They have the right mindset

The have the right tools for their family

They model the behavior

Prayer is the lifeblood

They have unity in the spirit

They have a deeper level of transparency and authenticity

The family structure is in place and solid

The family structure is consistent

Strengthen the Family Leaders for healthy spiritual growth.

While evangelism has accomplished the good and important work of bringing people to Christ, there now exists a significant gap between the staggering number of new Christians and the number of spiritually mature parental leaders in the home. Family discipleship is critical to developing an intimate relationship with Christ, and to being equipped to stand firm in the face of the counterculture our children are facing today. Christians families domestically and globally need more transformational resources to train and deepen the faith of their children who will grow mature and raise families of their own. Ill-equipped households with fewer spiritually mature parents will result in biblically illiterate children of the faith. Parents desire to do the right thing but feel inadequate to train and instruct their children in the Lord. They need equipping and coaching to develop deeper spiritual roots.

Would you consider strengthening your home with proven discipleship materials and training if offered? Want to continue on your journey of discipling your children with greater impact? Interested in becoming a partner in the growth that’s already happening in family discipleship? Join us by becoming a partner of Donate – Victorious Family.

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The Road to Victory Begins at Home.

Terence Chatmon, President and CEO of Victorious Family –

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