Choosing a college can be stressful. As you start to look toward the end of your high school days, you’re likely full of questions about what comes next. What are the professors like? How are the dorms? How will I pay for college? How will I fit in? And of course, one of the most important questions of all: are there any good coffee shops on campus?

Visiting campus is a vital part of making your college decision. Sure, you can read all about your top schools, study their social media accounts and look at photos, but nothing compares to a visit. This key step is one you don’t want to skip.

At Trevecca, we understand the important role a campus visit plays in choosing a university, and in an age of social distancing we’ve mastered the art of doing it safely. Every year we see more evidence that there’s real value for students when they can experience our beautiful campus near downtown Nashville. When they can actually immerse themselves in the Trevecca community, even just for an afternoon, they always seem to get a lasting impression of what life could be like for the next four years. And much more often than not, that clearer perspective becomes a major factor in their decision-making process.

But don’t take our word for it. These current Trevecca students explain how selecting a college – and beginning their college journey – had everything to do with a visit to campus.

Visiting Trevecca influenced my decision-making process because it helped me get a sense of what the people and environment would be like if I were to attend Trevecca. When President Dan Boone spoke Trevecca’ s motto—To be, rather than to seem—it stood out to me, and I loved it. While I was there, I learned more about Trevecca’ s mission and campus life, and I got to see a little bit of the campus. If I hadn’t done that, I would’ve had a harder time picturing myself at Trevecca, and I would’ve been a bit more uncomfortable on my first day of orientation. Seeing the goats (at Trevecca’s Urban Farm), getting freebies, meeting welcoming people, and eating good food made it a great experience for me.

Carolyn Johnson
Junior, Communication Studies

My campus visit was the main reason I ended up attending Trevecca. I’m originally from Washington state, so I needed some major convincing to move across the country. But getting to explore the beautiful campus, speaking with the professors face-to-face, and meeting new people was so inviting. I knew that this was the university I needed to attend!

Jack Tycksen
Junior, Commercial Music

During my campus visit, listening to the current students talk about not just the fun events on campus, but also how God is so present at Trevecca, just gave me an overwhelming sense of peace and a strong desire to pursue my degree here.

Rachel Morris
Junior, Psychology with a Counseling Minor

If your student is considering college after high school, it’s never too early to schedule a campus visit. You’ll find all the information you need about visiting Trevecca at

Mandy Crow

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