Spring Into Spring It Is Dryer Vent And Bbq Grill Professional Cleaning Time

We Extend Dryer And Grill Life!

Jack Rabbit Clean Choices (JRCC) is a local service cleaning items many do not want to clean, visit www.jackrabbitcleanchoices.com for detail.

We practice Covid avoidance and protection steps to protect service providers and customers…. most of what we do is outside.


(put a photo of fire and dryer somewhere about here)

Go to www.jackrabbitcleanchoices.com and click on U-Tube links and see what news stations reported about dryer fires starting in the vent – channel 41 has a complete scary report.  We clean out COMBUSTIBLES like lint, pet hair, nests, dead rodents/birds, food, delicates, and more.

Cleaning the vent helps the dryer breathe and run cooler by removing clogs.  Listen to your dryer it yells help by not drying clothes properly, by making clothes and dryer are hotter than normal, and by forming lint and or mold in the room. 


The Bar-B-Clean Process utilizes the latest industrial grade processes.  This process is detailed at www.bar-b-clean.com/nashville.  The service takes on average 2-3 hours and includes operational inspection and deep cleaning.  Grills last a long time, create more healthy and amazing results if maintained and cleaned.  Grease, gunk, corrosion, rust and rodent buffets can take over that once beautiful and healthy grill.  Carcinogens left behind by old food and rodent droppings can cause real health risks.  ALERT, additional injury risk has been reported by folks using a steel bristle brush – bristles loosen over time sticking to the grate and absorb into food.  Clean grate with a bristle free brush avoiding rusty little wires that can cause internal problems.

The cleaning provided by Marc’s Bar-B-Clean process will make your grill look newer and perform to its potential.  Food will taste like it should and – the grill will last longer.  Schedule this “Make Over”, and BBQ with a cleaner, healthier result for guests and family.

Ask Marc about three things. The first is bundled pricing for cleaning both the vent and grill in one stop.   The second is how to gift a specialty cleaning to friends/family who seem to have everything.   The third is to ask, what else do you do, think yard and home?  

Marc Tepner, 615-594-9052 (CALL OR TEXT FOR PRICING/SCHEDULING)Marc is owner operator of www.jackrabbitcleanchoices.com which includes www.bar-b-clean.com/nashville, JRCC Dryer Vent Cleaning, Hygienitech Green Mattress Cleaning/Sanitization for middle TN., and other special Yard/Home Services.  Marc is a graduate of Abilene Christian University and brings a wealth of customer care experience from his time with Bridgestone, Schakolad Chocolate Factory, Greener Solutions Lawn and Yard, and more.  Marc is constantly energized by his amazing wife Elise, son Cole, and a large Church and Life Group Family.  

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