Clarksville beloved Manna Cafe Ministry purchased an old warehouse to be the home of Manna Village. 

Kenny York, Founder and his wife Vicki were excited about the purchase and the opportunities this property would offer but knew it needed some work. 

To create that safe place in their vision and for the protection of all involved permanently stabilizing the structure was of high priority. 

Manna Café Ministries serves people in need in Clarksville/Montgomery County through a soup kitchen on wheels, food box distribution, and other vital resources. Propelled chiefly by volunteers, Manna Café strives to restore hope, dignity, self-reliance, community, and the love of God through Jesus Christ.

Volunteers help cook meals, driving trucks or serving food. Manna Village is a place, a community of like-minded people and agencies who are committed to restoring the lives of those who need a hand to get back on their feet. A village — a place of hope where folks can be loved, counseled, and supported all at the same time.

Now that they have Manna Village it is important to ensure the safety of the staff, volunteers, and guests. The safety of the structure was the first step to ensure this was a safe place for all the plans they have for this location.  There are multiple phases to the rehabilitation of this property to meet the expectations of Manna Cafes vision. 

We see stair step cracks in multiple locations of the warehouse both interior and exterior. The floors inside were not level and showing many areas of sagging. 

Year Constructed


Total Size

44,400 sqft

Building 1
– 22,758 sqft space
– Freight elevator
– Brick exterior walls
Building 2
– 7,821 sqft space
– Masonry walls
Building 3
– 7,821 sqft space
– Masonry walls
Building 4
– 6,000 sqft space
– Masonry walls


Permanently Stabilize Floors


SmartJack, 1-3′            17 

Supplemental Beam     180 ft

Sistering Joists             10 ft

These stair step cracks show the pulling and movement creating stress on this corner of the foundation.

Sistering joists help reinforce the current support joists by helping carry the weight and redistributing the load. They are good to use when the load is not properly distributed or if the current supports have lost some of their integrity. Most floor joist are made of wood and can get soft over time, hot humid temperatures with a heavy load will cause a board to warp overtime much like creating a barrel. Mold, rot, or softening are also concerns that effect the integrity of the wood. Sistering beams are add-ons placed against the current joist on either side. 

The grider, or supplemental beam, is a zinc-plated structural steel I-beam to ensure the system will never be susceptible to mold, moisture, and wood rot. 

SmartJack supports carry loads from above. SmartJacks are the best opportunity to lift the above floors and walls back their original position. The engineered footing transfers the load beyond the troubled soils. The SmartJack is strong and adjustable. They system has been laboratory tested to support loads of more than 60,000 pounds. The steel column and components are assembled and connected to a steel girder and the SmarJack system is tightened into place. The girder and floor joists are immediately stabilized and lifting the above floors and walls back to level can be completed. 

Foundation vents were also closed and sealed to help control the environment of the warehouse space. Humidity control is important to protect the materials that make up the structure but also the supplies and food Manna Café collects and distributes. 

Frontier Basement Systems is excited to help secure and stabilize the structure of this compound to help Kenny and Vicki and the community of Manna Café reach these high expectations. They are doing big things in the Montgomery County community, helping ensure the structure of their home base is safe. Providing the peace-of-mind so they can focus on what they do best, loving the community and their ministry.Brittney Gebers, Frontier Basement Systems –

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