What a crazy time we are living.  Due to Covid-19, there will be those that will live the rest of their life in fear and dread; especially if they immerse themselves in television or pay attention to the loud voices of social media and mainstream media.  

Fear is tormenting and crippling.  Fear is straight from the devil himself and fear has no place in a Christian’s life, nor should it dictate how a Christian should live or react to the current circumstances of the day.

Throughout history, there have always been opportunities to let fear rule, and yet, there have been heroes and heroines that emerge at the right time and place.

In 1 Samuel 17, we read about one of those heroes.  The story begins with a man referred to as a champion from Gath that stood over 9 feet tall, his name was Goliath.  He was massive!  His armor weighed over 125 pounds.  Every day this giant would terrify God’s chosen and therefore, caused God’s people to be frozen in fear.  “On hearing the Philistine’s words, Saul and all the Israelites were dismayed and terrified.” (I Samuel 17:11).  

Sounds like many Christians today.  Dismayed can also mean great anxiety and living in a worrisome state.  Being terrified not only means being fearful but extremely fearful!

When young David showed up to the scene, he could not believe his ears.  An “uncircumcised” Philistine had the gall to defy God’s chosen. (1 Samuel 17:26).  As the story continues, David is taken to Saul, the King.  David convinces Saul that Goliath is no different than any other “enemy” that he has faced in his past.  David takes down Goliath with a smooth stone and cuts off Goliath’s head with his own sword. 

The way we have faced our enemies in the past have prepared us for the enemy of today.  God’s chosen are being defied and have caused many Christians to be silent – frozen in fear.  Instead of standing in faith and confidence, we are reacting in fear just as the unsaved who do not know God.

David could face his enemy with confidence because he had seen God come through for him many times before.  

God stands ready to come through for you.  Live in faith and not fear.  Put your trust in what God has already done for you and choose to react in confidence.  It is time to live differently than the unsaved world lives.

Rhonda Smart, [email protected]

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