Since Carol moved into her Tennessee home in 2015, she knew her crawl space needed help! Now, fast forward 5 years and help is an understatement. Carol knew her space had a moisture issue that needed to be addressed. Her uncovered soil ground was consistently moist and this was damaging her wood beams. The moisture from the ground had evaporated into her home and caused the pink insulation to mold and her wood to decay badly! This led to bouncy floors above that had her very worried about the health and structure of her home. Upon inspection, we had also discovered an open vent, a rusting and warping crawl space door, and spider eggs! 

Carol was in need of waterproofing and encapsulating geniuses and she thankfully found the right company for the job! 
To address the constant moisture issue, we installed WaterGuard along the perimeter of the crawl space to collect water from the ground and walls and direct it to the TripleSafe Sump Pump. This pump has three pumps that will automatically change based on Carol’s space’s needs! Pump 1 is a heavy-duty 1/3 horsepower (HP) cast-iron Zoeller pump that does most of the pumping, handling up to 2,600 gallons of water per hour. Pump 2 is a 1/2 HP pump that operates automatically if Pump 1 fails or if greater pumping volume is needed (up to 6,200 gallons per hour). Pump 3is a battery-operated pump that turns on automatically if power fails. The TripleSafe will pump the unwanted water out of the home, through our IceGuard product, which allows water to escape from a sump pump discharge line if the pipe freezes or becomes blocked for any reason, far away from the home and out through our grated LawnScape Outlet. This discharge line outlet is designed to blend in with your lawn and landscaping.

We also made sure to install our encapsulation products to ensure moisture is reduced in Carol’s crawl space. First, we installed 120 ft of our CleanSpace Wall System, which is very similar to our vapor barrier and also works with our WaterGuard system to collect seepage from the walls. Next, 700.48 sq ft of our Drainage Matting was installed, which is a dimpled drainage matting system that’s designed to collect water from the crawl space floor and direct it to a sump pump. On top of the matting, we installed 700.48 sq ft of our CleanSpace Vapor Barrier, a super durable 20mil thick, 7-layer polyethylene composition, with polyester cord reinforcement. This barrier is made to reduce moisture in your crawl space!

Our crew had to get rid of Carol’s old rusty crawl space door and replace it with our nearly indestructible 2.5′ x 3′ EverLast door made out of ½-in.-thick PVC plastic. Our door will never warp, crack, shrink or require maintenance or painting. An air and water seal is certain, thanks to the heavy-duty weatherstripping that comes with each door!

Carol now has a dry and healthy crawl space that is worth bragging about! 

Mikaela Lopez, Marketing Communications Coordinator at Frontier Basement Systems

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