Not all students in the Nashville area have access tothe same educational resources or funding privileges.  This important realization led Kaitlyn Jolley, Nashville’s Volunteer of the Month, to seek out a position which would help her build a bridge between the school she works for and its surrounding community.  As a middle school teacher, Kaitlyn has a passion for her students’ education, health, and future success.  Here in Nashville, she is fostering family engagement, providing social services, and creating general wellness programs for students, teachers, administrators, and families. She also builds bridges among businesses, non-profits, and individuals to foster charitable initiatives, most recently with the tornado relief efforts.

Kaitlyn works with nonprofits and community members to provide food and clothing to students in need, and she has established programs that promote healthy lifestyles.  In order to ensure that students have a strong support system, Kaitlyn works ‘round the clock with families and school staff to ensure the communication lines are always open. She makes sure her students have the guidance and resources to prepare and apply for college and make decisions about their career paths.  There are no boundaries to what she will give.  Her job as a teacher has immersed her in the community and opened her eyes to other urgent needs.

When the tornado struck on March 2nd, Kaitlyn saw that the area hit was farther southwest of her school and also near one of the other schools she works with.  She quickly began serving with Gideon’s Army, McGruder Family Resource Center, and Corner to Corner, all of which came to the aid of the Nashville community during that first week of March.  These relief organizations were stocked with supplies but needed help distributing them.  Kaitlyn says, “I saw a widespread impact and knew people were trying to help but weren’t sure how, or where to go.”  So she jumped in to create systems of order, helping catalog inventory.  She also found an online map system which volunteers could use to determine where people and houses were that were in need and what to bring them.

Kaitlyn says, “I volunteer because it brings about a sense of community to all people involved, because my time is always a resource I can give to help our community, and because serving people is part of my personality and my identity in Christ.”  She adds, “What I’ve learned that may be most surprising to others is how you end up learning from the people you serve. Being in the presence of someone you might have never crossed paths with gives you a chance to see from a different perspective, and that can have a profound effect on the way you live your life!”

Kaitlyn is named Nashville’s Volunteer of the Month for her generous heart. She and other volunteers like her are celebrated by Doing Good, a local 501c3 nonprofit which celebrates those who do good. For more information or to nominate someone for Nashville’s Volunteer of the Month, visit

Emerson Loudenback

Doing Good is a 501c3 non-profit which provides marketing and public relations tools, resources, and opportunities to

non-profit and government agencies to celebrate their volunteers.

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