Jack Rabbit Clean Choices (JRCC) is a local service that provides professional industrial grade specialty cleaning for BBQ Grills, Dryer Vents, and more – visit www.jackrabbitcleanchoices.com & www.bar-b-clean.com/nashville for detail.  Marc, the owner emphasizes that JRCC exists to help extend the life of BBQ GRILLS and DRYERS by keeping them clean and operationally safer.

Basics to help avoid grilling accidents. National Fire Prevention Association reports that grills cause more than 10,000 fires a year leading to hospitalizations, fatalities and millions spent for repair.  Accidents can result from not grilling, cleaning or maintaining properly. The following tips can help: 

Clean and inspect the grill before you BBQ.   Grease, rodents/bugs, leaves, and burnt leftover carcinogen containing food particles builds up over time creating fire hazards and reducing the grill’s operating ability to produce great results for the guests.

Be sure the gas hose does not leak.  Whether propane tank or a natural gas connection check for hose breaks and tighten all connections before ignition. Spray soapy water on hose, turn on the gas and if bubbles occur replace the hose.   

Keep grills a safe distance from the home and other flammable structures, trees, wood decks etc. 

Gas grills cause more fires than charcoal type grills, choose wisely.

Do not squirt liquid fuel on a fire, it sets a bad example and people get burned when the flame flares up to hands, arms, face and hair.

Grills are hot, keep out of the way of where guest are and or will be.

When grilling is complete turn off the gas so it can safely cool down.

What do we do? We professionally clean BBQ grills and Dryer Vents.  The grill like the Dryer Vent is about the flame.  Professionally cleaned grills have better flames, safer cleaner surfaces, and amazing BBQ results for your family and guest.  Our process and training places emphasis on industrial grade cleaning and protecting patios. 


  1. Schedule your next BBQ grill or dryer vent cleaning
  2. Professional cleaning will refurbish the BBQ Grill – We remove rodent buffet carcinogens using special scrapers and power brushes, clear the flame holes, and remove grease/grime. 
  3. Extend the life of the grill and create amazing BBQ results –Metal last, our industrial grade processes help control corrosion. 
  4. Remember it is all about the flame.Reduce the chance of fire in your dryer vent (visit u-tube dryer vent fires) and create the right cooking flame in the BBQ grill. 
  5. Value pricing– Ask Marc about bundled pricing.
  6. Gifting is an opportunity – Gift a professional dryer vent and or BBQ grill cleaning to a father, mother, friend, relative, or other person for whom you have found it difficult to find that right gift.

Marc Tepner, 615-594-9052 (CALL OR TEXT FOR PRICING/SCHEDULING)Marc is owner operator of www.jackrabbitcleanchoices.com which includes www.bar-b-clean.com/nashville.  Marc is a graduate of Abilene Christian University and brings a wealth of customer care experience from his time with Bridgestone, Schakolad Chocolate Factory, Greener Solutions Lawn and Yard, and more.  Marc is energized by his amazing wife Elise, son Cole, their Church and Life Group Family.  

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