Hope Survives the Cataclysm

I went to the grocery store this afternoon for the first time in about eight months. Thanks to my more fearless family members and doorstep delivery, grocery shopping is very easily avoided. Plus, today’s list was so short; I committed to staying focused and being back in the car in fifteen minutes. Twenty tops. 

What brought me great delight was walking into the store and being astonished by two tables weighted down with a vast array of lilies. Of course! How could I have forgotten? We always have lilies around the house during the Easter season. This year, when everything is so different, it slipped my mind completely. Perhaps because lilies are not the kind of thing you select from the online food list or expect your store shopper to choose for you.

Lilies remind us of how vital Resurrection Sunday is in our lives.  This is not merely a holiday. Or a weekend for spring baskets, decorated eggs, and family feasts—even when we make modifications in consideration of pandemic restrictions.

As a pastor’s wife, I spent many years focusing on how we, as Christians, commit ourselves to concentrating on the spirituality of these three days. We observe Good Friday. For me, that was a tradition of listening to sermons on Jesus’ seven last words from the cross. Then, we joined others at Easter sunrise or a special morning worship service. Whether or not any of these opportunities exist for us this year, one thing is certain: it is different.

The hope of this 2021 holy season is our awareness of the Gift we receive from God. “Hosanna! He is risen!” This is the essence of the glorious promises we have for today and forever. Jesus conquered death and the grave. “It is finished.” That is our assurance that Christ defeated Satan, washed away our sins, and promises us everlasting life, surrounded always by His love.

Trauma touched our world deeply over the last year. Perhaps it reached you personally, or into your family, or ravaged your daily pattern or your finances. Maybe these months brought on another loss that was devastating. We may be hurting, but we are not in despair! Because He lives, hope and Joy abide!

Since Easter greets us early in April this year, let’s spend the entire month growing our commitment. Do something each day to deepen your faith. Allow God to speak His own peace as you listen for His voice!

Regina M. Prude is an author and inspirational speaker. Send e-mail comments to [email protected].  Follow her on Facebook (www.facebook.com/reginaprude) and Twitter (http://twitter.com/rprude.) Write her at PO Box 58795, Nashville, TN 37205.

© Regina M. Prude, 2021

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