Would you like to have more influence on your children than today’s culture has on them? Is it important to you for your children to have a strong faith in God? Would you like to raise kids who are responsible, honest, hard-working, and servant-hearted? If so, then the new book by Author Steve Hines of Nashville, Salt, Light, & Kids (Parenting Well in Today’s Culture), is for you.

The name Salt, Light, & Kids speaks to the contents of this book.  Using many stories from both the ups and downs of Steve and his wife of 36 years Leigh Ann’s own parenting journey, the book teaches parents how to raise up ‘salt of the earth’ kids who are trustworthy, hard-working, dependable, kind, and selfless. More importantly, it shows parents how to bring up their children to be the salt of the earth and light of the world as Jesus talks about in Matthew chapter 5. As the world today works hard to teach children (and parents) to be more and more self-centered and entitled, Salt, Light, & Kids (Parenting Well in Today’s Culture) helps parents lead their kids to become better people and to become more like Jesus.

The book offers applicable and relatable tools and Biblically based solutions that help with issues such as: leading a simple life, teaching children responsibility, the influence of friends, boyfriends and girlfriends, technology and social media, drugs and alcohol, discipline, money, narcissism, and the proper hierarchy of relationships. It also offers some challenges for parents regarding their own actions, as Steve feels children today are looking for authenticity in their parents more than ever.

He also speaks to what it means to ‘parent well’ rather than to just parent. Steve believes that parenting well requires a consistently high level of attention and priority, since children are gifts that God has entrusted to parents. He encourages parents to take comfort, even in the face of inevitable mistakes, in the fact that they are giving 100% effort.

In the book, Steve shares that having two married children and two young granddaughters (with a grandson on the way) contributes to his passion for exposing how culture and the enemy are trying to sabotage the efforts of today’s parents. Steve and Leigh Ann have taught and discipled many younger parents over the last few decades. However, Steve believes that the current challenges presented to parents are more difficult to navigate than in previous years.

According to Steve, “Satan has very effectively used technology, social media, the education system, and other means over the last decade in trying to win the hearts and minds of our kids at earlier and earlier ages, and parents have to be aware of his schemes.”

Steve’s friend and New York Times best-selling author and Church of the Highlands Founding Pastor Chris Hodges wrote the foreword for the book. In it, Pastor Hodges says, “Whether you’re expecting your first child or in the frontlines of the teen years, you will discover Salt, Light, & Kids (Parenting Well in Today’s Culture) to be an invaluable resource for your parenting journey.  With Steve as your guide and God’s word as your lamp, you will return to this book again and again.” The book is also included in the preferred curriculum for Church of the Highlands small groups.

Whether you are a parent of young children, or teenagers, or even if you are a grandparent, Salt, Light, & Kids (Parenting Well in Today’s Culture) is an excellent resource for raising wholesome, Godly children who have a heart to make a difference in the worldIt’s available on Amazon and other online platforms in paperback, Kindle, and Audible.

C. Johnson

Steve Hines lives with his wife, Leigh Ann, in Nashville, Tennessee. He is a life-long entrepreneur, a former C.P.A., a film producer, a high school lacrosse coach, and an independent recording artist.

Website: www.saltlightandkids.com





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