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Meet Larry and Angie

Before the Jones family came to us, they had been living in extended stay hotels for over 2 years. For several years, Larry had a good stable employment, but because of the high cost of the extended stay hotel, he and his wife Angie, could never save up enough money to cover apartment application fees, move in costs and deposits.

As a mother, Angie felt she was not providing a good environment for her children with only a hotel to call home, which only added to her existing anxiety challenges. And, while she worked hard to contribute by cleaning houses through a temp agency, she could not seek more permanent employment as someone needed to be available when their children were sick or out of school, as they had no support system. By the time the family got to The Salvation Army, Angie and Larry both felt hopeless.

However, the day they walked through the doors at The Salvation Army is the day that the future began to look brighter. First, Angie was able to receive treatment for her anxiety through a partnership with neighborhood mental health agency. Then, she and Larry signed up for a money management course that was offered as a part of The Salvation Army Life Skills programming.

Then, just in time to celebrate Christmas, came the best news of all. Larry, Angie and their two children moved into a 3-bedroom home in a quiet neighborhood with a big backyard for the children to play in. Christmas miracles truly happen, and lives are changed through The Salvation Army.

Misty Ratcliff, Development and Communications Manager – The Salvation Army Nashville Area Command, 

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