Insects are a constant problem in the Spring and Summer. Ant mounds can pop up in your yard, mosquitoes begin to swarm, and yellow jackets begin their assault on your patio. Because these pests make their presence known, the need for pest control is obvious. But during the colder months, when bugs aren’t apparent, you may find yourself asking the question, “do I really need pest control in the winter?”

During the colder months of the year, many assume bugs die or can’t survive in below freezing temps. You may be surprised to learn, during the winter, most bugs don’t die. Rather, they adapt to the cold by either hiding or hibernating. Insects spend winter simply surviving. This means they are more than ready to invade your home during the winter. Controlling these unseen pests in the colder months is just as important as it is in the warmer months.

Waynes treats your property on a quarterly cycle, so pests can’t invade your home even in winter.

Where are Bugs During the Winter?

Termites and ants are colony insects that hide during winter. These pests can conserve heat and remain active that way. They spend the final days of fall storing food which means a very hungry emergence in spring. You can prevent these insects from starting in your yard with winter pest control.

Ticks have perhaps the most creative approach to winter: they focus on specific hosts. These bloodsuckers take all comers in spring and summer, but they focus on large, active prey in winter like deer. As a result, they have a large food source with plenty of heat. Winter pest control will make your yard an unwelcome spot when ticks become less selective.

Cockroaches are perhaps the worst because they find shelter in your house. They remain active by seeking warm places with plenty of food. These pests are the easiest to spot because you’ll see them run across your floor or scurry out from under boxes and furniture.  

Hibernating Bugs

Other insects, like yellow jackets, mosquitoes, and beetles, prefer to hibernate or overwinter. They are still alive, but they dramatically reduce their activity and eating. These pests find warm places to spend winter, and they try to ride it out. 

Waynes Smartpest Services aim specifically at hibernating insects in winter. Almost 95% of all home pest problems begin outside. Our main concern is to keep the pests outside. We will treat up to 10 feet away from your home, so bugs won’t be able to get close. Winter pest control is a great way to stop pests before they get active.

Waynes services are available all year. And winter pest control will give you the best start for preventing real problems come spring. If you haven’t scheduled regular pest control or have let your service lapse, call 866.WAYNES1 or visit us at!

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