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Jeremiah 14

REPENT…be transformed.

It seems that we are “shocked” almost every day with some craziness in our country or in the world. How can it be? Scripture reminds us that when people refuse to follow God…the answer is certain. People will grow wiser and wiser…but evil will flourish because the enemy is real. Jesus said satan is a liar…a thief…who wants to destroy anything that represents God. Though the enemy’s fate is sealed…he is hard at work today and during the time he has.

The prophet Jeremiah faced similar situations. He stood for God’s Truth…and the people hated him. They wanted to embrace lies…not Truth. Does that sound familiar? Jeremiah prayed, “O Lord, do something for the sake of Your Name. For the backsliding is great. We have sinned against You. We bear Your Name…You are among us. Do not forsake us.”

Let’s pray for our country…our leaders…and let’s also pray for the Holy Spirit to give us sight and sound that we may navigate “the fog” and not grow weary…but keep on keeping on for the Cause of Christ until we see Him face-to-face. Let’s be people of faith…not people of fear.

Prayer: Lord, thank You for being here to hear our requests. You know what we need…and how to guide us. Forgive us when we whine. Help us to be a reflection of Your Light in a dark world. Let it be Lord Jesus. Let it be…please.

Ralph E. Vaughn

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