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Do you sense the shift of truth in our culture? Barna collected data in 2021 showing that 73% of parents wanted their children to have a healthy relationship with spirituality. Yet, a LifeWay study showed the number of kids walking away from the truth is increasing.

How do we teach the truth? How do we counteract the culture in biblical ways?

Daniel in the Bible provides us with an example. After exiling Daniel and his friends to the Babylonian empire, King Nebuchadnezzar tried to indoctrinate them in the pagan ways of Babylon. The king intentionally worked on reprogramming the exiles by teaching them foreign literature and languages and enticing them with rich wines and foods. He even changed Daniel’s name. The king determined that Daniel and his friends forget about the God of their forefathers. Despite all the king’s efforts, Daniel resolved to obey God.

As the culture tries to retrain, rename, and readapt our kids to an unbiblical way of life, we must act intentionally and proactively.

Kids need to know the foundational truths. Remind them that God is Creator; God is Holy; God is Love; and God is Sovereign. Our identity is founded in Jesus and what the Scriptures say, not our fickle feelings. If you have a curious child, try understanding what prompts the questions. Always point back to Scripture. They may not understand all the nuances of the Bible, but you’re building a spiritual foundation.

Teach your kids the heroes of faith. Peter floundered and flourished. The disciples doubted. The minor prophets spoke unpopular truth amid hostile backlashes. Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery, yet God used him for His good purposes. None of these heroes perfected their faith. They all failed, got back up, and stepped out in faith again. Our kids can too.

Work on training your child’s heart, not his behavior. Pray for a radical change of heart. Show your kids what walking with Jesus looks like. Confess your sins. Pray aloud and often. Act on God’s Word. Help a neighbor. Let them see the power of the Spirit working through you—not through your strength or intelligence.

Step out in faith. Yes, it’s uncomfortable, and you may feel unequipped, but kids need to see what active faith looks like. They need to see us stumble in our faith walk while simultaneously holding onto Jesus.

It’s a weighty job, this parenting thing. We didn’t know what we signed up for when we brought kids into the world. But God has equipped you for such a time as this. With God’s help and wisdom, you can train your kids to live like Daniel in a corrupt and cancel-culture world.

Sally Cressman writes about faith, family, and home on her website, www.sallycressman.com. You’ll receive FREE “31 Biblical Affirmations for Mom” cards when you sign up. Connect with her on Instagram at @sacressman.

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