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Meet Lux

Hopelessness brought Lux to The Salvation Army’s Supportive Housing Program. He moved to Nashville with the promise of a great career but was let go shortly after arriving. While he struggled to find another job, he lost his home. Due to the stress, he began to struggle with mental health issues he had overcome in the past…anxiety…depression and then he began to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol.

The hardest step for Lux was putting aside his pride and allowing himself to ask for and receive help. It  took his grandmother saying “Go find The Salvation Army. They can help you.” in order for Lux to start climbing out of the darkness he had found himself in.

After entering the program, he learned to be humble. He realized doing the small everyday tasks of living, like cleaning toilets, was a vital step to learning how to truly live and succeed. The biggest realization of all was he needed to submit to God. Lux says “I finally realized I had to quit playing God. It didn’t work, and it never would.”

Lux said he finally was able to succeed when he stopped thinking he’d been wronged by others and took responsibility for the things that lead him to where he was. Only then did he see results.

He now finds joy in the boring and not in chaos. He is in a steady relationship, reconnected with his family, has a job with benefits, a home, a car and a dog. Lux says “I’ll be forever grateful for The Salvation Army and all their gifts to me.”

You can learn more about the programs of The Salvation Army in Nashville and learn how you can join them to continue to change the lives of our neighbors at SalvationArmyNashville.org

Misty Ratcliff, Development and Communications Manager, The Salvation Army – www.salvationarmynashville.org

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