Luke 12

If we were asked to make a list today…perhaps five or 10 things to describe success. What would we write down? Think about it…seriously.

Since The Lord Jesus is omnipresent…use our spiritual imagination to consider He is in the room with us. Does that change the dynamics of our list?

Jesus told us to watch out…and be on guard against all forms of greed. He added, “A person’s life does not consist in the abundance of possessions.”

Life on earth is like a ‘blink’ when compared to eternity. Let’s pray about our list.

Prayer: Lord, thank You for reminding us of what is really, really important. You created us to have a personal relationship with You. We welcome You to examine us through and through right now. Are we where we need to be in knowing, loving, serving and honoring You?

Lord Jesus, please forgive us for putting anything at the top of our list…other than You. Let it be. Let it be…please.

Ralph Vaughn

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