In the midst of these perilous times there He is. In the midst of your messed up life, there He is. In the midst of you losing your home and sleeping on your friends’ couches’, there He is!

Now, you have every right to be down, afraid, even depressed. God tells us in the Bible, we are not to waver in our faith. In fact, one of my favorite Bible studies by Kenneth Copeland ministries is called, “Bulldog Faith!” That’s right. You know how once a Bulldog gets ahold of something that attracts it’s attention, it does not, under any circumstances let go! That bulldog locks down with power jaws and refuses to give whatever it’s bearing down on with all it’s might!

Did you ever stop to think that once GOD has your attention, not only will He do anything to get it to begin with, but to KEEP it and as His children, it our job to do our part to keep our “Bulldog Faith” so to speak! No matter what is going on. Friend, this includes this pandemic covid-19. It’s quite a sight seeing just about every store with their health and beauty section out of personal products we have ALL taken for granted.

My beloved family in Christ, is it possible that our mighty God is trying to communicate, even reveal through His mystery, to share the word yes, but KNOW this is no time to lose faith, because God Almighty will do whatever it takes, time and time again, He gives chances, AND warnings.

So, in closing, let’s keep abiding by the social distancing guidelines our leaders tell us to do. Hanging there, as with all the othcer ups and downs that we have in this life. Keep your faith, obey, and your joy will not only bubble to the top, but God will do whatever it takes and get us through. Yes, our Lord God, master and keeper of His promises.

Tammy Merritt

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