When I graduated from law school, my first position was with a prestigious law firm in a tall, glass building in downtown Nashville. After several years of fighting the traffic every morning and afternoon, I persuaded a couple of like-minded attorneys to join me in opening a small law office in the suburban neighborhood of Brentwood.  Nashville has grown considerably over the years, and today many new, tall glass buildings carve our city’s landscape. The number of big firms occupying them has also grown, some with hundreds of lawyers.  Today, my law office is just minutes from home.  Several of my clients who appreciate not having to drive downtown and scramble for parking have since become longtime friends.  And many continue to share with me the many benefits of coming to a small law firm to handle their legal matters.  The following is a list of a few of their comments about some of the advantages they have found in Crain Law Group.

1.         Dedicated Relationships and Service

            “I felt like my case got lost in the shuffle,” one client said who switched to us from a large, downtown firm.  “The bigger firms may have greater staffing and resources, but it often felt cold and indifferent when I met with a different associate each time.  I appreciate the personalized service I get from Crain Law Group, and the comfort of knowing that when I call about my case I am assured it is still in the hands of the same attorney and receiving the priority it deserves.” 

2.         Focused Friendly Environment

            “The friendly atmosphere at Crain Law Group, and the warm greeting I get whenever I call or come in the office makes me feel welcome, and lessens the anxiety that I have about my legal problem,” one client shared.     

            Our staff of secretaries and paralegals routinely receive this kind of positive feedback from our clients.  Information on the progress of a client’s case is updated regularly and available through a confidential, digital filing system enabling whomever takes a client’s call to provide up to the last minute developments and information about the client’s case.   

3.         Easier Access When Legal Help Is Needed

            Whether the client lives nearby or travels some distance, access to the offices at Crain Law Group is much easier than it is to downtown firms.  Several larger firms actually now require a photograph and some form of identification before allowing clients to access their offices.  Walk in appointments are virtually impossible.  

            Crain Law Group strives to provide a family friendly environment in which clients are encouraged to bring their spouse or children.  Clients are free to stop in without an appointment to drop off or pick up needed documents, or to simply inquire about the status of their case. 

4.         Greater Trust and Confidence

Few things are more important to a client than establishing a relationship built on trust and confidence in their lawyer’s skill and ability. A smaller law firm allows for closer ties to the lawyer assigned your case, which lends itself to these relationship qualities.  The importance of these factors at Crain Law Group is apparent in the video testimonials of some of our clients which may be viewed on our website at www.crainlaw.legal

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