How is it possible to become givers in a “gimme” world? And how do we encourage those around us to do the same? Consider these simple ideas to make a difference in someone’s life and perhaps start a kindness explosion! They may be organized by clubs or service organizations, youth groups, churches, families, or just individuals. But be warned! Kindness is contagious and it challenges the complacency of those who observe it.   Organize Some Kindness

  • Provide ministry in needy neighborhoods: do home repairs or yard work—find out what is needed. Keep clothing and food available at church to offer struggling families.
  • Pick a Saturday and offer free car maintenance for single moms, widows, and the elderly.
  • Put up a table at a mall, ballparks, or community events and give away cokes, coffee, popsicles, balloons, etc.
  • Plan to serve (and perhaps deliver) free meals during a holiday season.

  Personalize Some Kindness

  • Be Prepared! Keep an envelope available with extra cash. Ask the Lord to direct you when to share. It might be a bag boy, a waitress, someone on the street.
  • Be alert! I’ve noticed some new believers at church with tattered old bibles and my son befriended a boy at school who didn’t have a bible. We were able to provide nice bibles for them. Notice also special events that give opportunity to encourage with a gift or note, such as a wedding or the birth of a baby.
  • Be anonymous! Our family enjoys doing secret acts of kindness. It might be a secret holiday gift or a cash gift that is needed. One family paid a needy couple’s doctor bill. My son, a school teacher who coaches basketball, anonymously provided a warm-up suit for a student who couldn’t afford it.

  Child size Some Kindness

  • Let your child occasionally choose a friend at school to treat with an ice cream or other goodie. Remind them that it should be someone who might not be able to buy one for themselves.
  • Allow them to take extra school supplies to share with someone who runs out or forgets theirs.
  • My boys pick someone each Christmas to receive a “secret” gift. They ask their teacher or principal to present it anonymously.
  • Encourage them to go out of their way to be kind—holding doors, picking up dropped items, offering their assistance when needed.
  • Plan family projects: Do chores for a shut-in or take a meal to a new neighbor.

  Review the full issue of the June 2015 issue of Nashville Christian Family Magazine. —————————————————————————————————— Lettie Kirkpatrick Burress – The mother of four sons and a daughter in heaven, Lettie is a writer, speaker, and conference leader from East Tennessee. Her idea of celebrating life is climbing a long mountain trail, enjoying a Reuben sandwich and a good book at an outdoor cafe, and discovering a great pair of clip-on earrings.

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