With family-friendly questions, full-color illustrations, and 40 stories about how Jesus’ life from childhood to the cross pointed to the resurrection, The Easter Storybook draws families closer to their Rescue

Starting with Jesus’ time in the temple as a boy and ending with His appearances after the resurrection, The Easter Storybook invites readers into the big picture of God’s love.

Each of the 40 full-color, beautifully illustrated stories includes a Bible passage and a conversational question to guide families through the Easter season together.

Unlike other children’s Easter books, The Easter Storybook focuses not just on Jesus’ last days but on the journey of His whole life leading to the joy of Easter morning. Every story will give children a glimpse into Jesus’ identity—as Teacher, Good Shepherd, Savior, and King—making this a rich book to read throughout the year.

The Easter Storybook explains who Jesus is, what He did, and why His death and resurrection matter, in a simple way that children ages 4–8 can understand and remember.

Laura Richie, who also wrote the bestselling The Advent Storybook, said, “Each story adds a stroke to the portrait of the God who came to restore what was broken and find what was lost. During the season of Lent, let’s pause each day and remember. Sit down as a family and remember who Jesus was and why He had to die, then celebrate His victory over evil and death! May you and your family see Jesus and delight in His beauty, love, and grace.”

A fitting companion to The Advent Storybook, The Easter Storybook is a wonderful way to discover as a family why Jesus came to earth as Rescuer, Redeemer, and Friend.

Age Range:           4 – 8 years

Grade Level:       1 – 2

Judy McDonough, Karen Campbell Media, Inc. – 615-243-5994

Laura Richie (Author)

Laura Richie is a wife, homeschooling mom, and registered nurse. A missionary kid for several years, Laura confesses she didn’t truly understand her need to be rescued until later in life. Now she delights in sharing the beauty and grace of her Rescuer through her books, The Advent Storybook and The Easter Storybook. Laura resides in Oklahoma with her husband and three children.

Ian Dale (Illustrator)

Ian Dale is an illustrator and designer who loves to invest in projects that share the hope and meaning that have transformed his life. He has created art for clients such as World Vision, the American Bible Society, Compassion International, and the Bible App for Kids, which has been downloaded in more than 30 languages. Ian and his wife are raising their young daughter in Los Angeles, California.

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