Walking With Swager/GoodWorks is an organization driven to bring unity to the community. True change doesn’t begin by electing someone to represent your interests in government. True change happens when people take responsibility for the community they are in.

A local non-profit (501c3) based in Goodlettsville, TN, Walking With Swager/GoodWorks assists local community members in need. From removing trees that fall during storms to installing window unit air conditioners, volunteers come together to make an impact when needs arise.

“When I would respond with groups from my church during natural disasters,” said founder and Executive Director, Toby Swager, “I saw the true goodness in the heart of man. People working alongside other people, regardless of race, economic standing, or beliefs. Serving others simply because there was a need.”

“Often those storms reveal chaos that already existed but was hidden. I wondered, ‘Why does it take a storm to motivate the heart to act. Then it hit me, we are so busy, we don’t recognize the needs around us every day. We have to dig deeper, beyond the superficial, and be the hands and feet of Christ in our communities every day.”

Through volunteer partnerships, personal life training, seminars, and collaboration with existing non-profit, church, business, and government entities, Walking With Swager/GoodWorks encourages people to see the things they can change and put a plan in place to do just that. Last year, the organization worked on 30 projects in the Goodlettsville area.

As communities change and grow more connected, the state, nation, and the world are impacted. Like ripples on a pond, the impact spreads across the region. With enough impacts, you can change the face of the nation.

Would you like to get involved or learn more about Walking With Swager/GoodWorks? You can reach out to them through email at [email protected], like them on Facebook, or follow them on Instagram. There you will find out about their latest service opportunities, training schedule, and fundraisers like Night Out For Good, a comedy benefit featuring Rik Roberts supporting the organization on Tuesday, March 31, 2020, at The Pick Inn Wedding and Event Center in Gallatin, TN.

Toby J. Swager is a husband, father, author of two books, Non-profit director, and a pastor. He currently serves at Connection Pointe Church in Goodlettsville. Log on to his website for more information, www.walkingwithswager.com.

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