I think of the Bridges set as a safe and sacred space. No topic is off limit and the Bible is our guide. While   our conversations run the gamut, the common thread has always been faith, hope, and redemption through Jesus Christ.

Whether I am talking with a NY Times Bestselling author, or a person nervous about their first TV appearance, the guests that prize God’s Word over everything else live in an abundance of peace.

My Personal Truth?

Our culture promotes a truth is whatever you believe it to be kind of philosophy. Perhaps that why we  hear people use phrases like this is my personal truth. But there is no personal truth unless your personal truth aligns with God’s Word. God’s Word is and always will be the absolute truth.

This is one of the reasons that we just started a whole new season of Bible teachings on Bridges. I will start off  teaching from the book of John. We will go through each chapter in context because truth changes everything. Since I want us to study the book of John in community, I have invited special guests like Pastor Corey Trimble, Adonis Lenzy, and Pastor Erik Reed to join me on some of the episodes.

This is a new direction for Bridges, and it comes from a place of much prayer and God’s leading. Additionally, many of you have contacted me and requested more Bible teachings. I am happy to say that you asked, and we are answering.

If Only…

In our book of John study, we will look at topics like how to be certain that you are Hearing from God, what to do with your if only moments in life, and how you can honor God when your life seems chaotic. These are just a few of the topics as there are 20 chapters in the book of John. We’ve got a lot of ground to cover and that’s why we’ve put together Online Extras so you can study along with me. Online Extras are free, and they are available on my website – no sign up required.

We Can Choose to Live in the Truth that God’s Word is Truth

In our uncertain times it is more important than ever to have a strong biblical foundation. Jesus encourages us in John chapter 16 to take heart because He has overcome the world. As the world embraces darkness we can choose to live in the truth. The darkness will never overtake the light.

Please consider this your personal invite to join me in this study. New episodes will launch on Sunday August 15 on WHTN. You can check my website for the most up to date details. You can also stream Bridges on Fire TV and ROKU. As we journey together in the book of John, we will see our lives transformed because truth changes everything.

Today’s Secret from the Studio: When you prize God’s Word over everything else you will live in His perfect peace.

Monica Schmelter is the General Manager of WHTN, Christian Television Network and host of daily television show Bridges. Monica enjoys working in media, writing books, and speaking but her most happy place is spending time with her family.

You can watch Bridges on demand at monicaschmelter.com

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