Kevin and Kelly Fehr

Consistent unrest in a work situation often signals a change in direction inspired by God’s Spirit. After serious chats with God, Kevin Fehr left his corporate job and with his wife Kelly began Amada Senior Care in Middle Tennessee. Kevin needed a sense of purpose in his career by truly helping others; he wasn’t experiencing that in the pharmaceutical industry. Interestingly, amada is the Spanish derivative for “beloved; love for your neighbor.”

Kevin’s grandfather, 102 years old at the time, was receiving home care during his final days. The amazing benefit to the entire family of this home care was immeasurable, reducing the worry and stress that too often accompanies and overwhelms those caring for seniors. 

Kevin watched his mother be a daughter again instead of a constant caregiver for her father. Kevin learned that “children in their 60s and 70s want to capture and remember their parents, not spend remaining precious time with the intensity of their parents’ needs.” After seeing the impact of non-medical in-home care, Kevin and Kelly were led by their faith in Christ to follow their vision to help others—amada. Eight years later, the couple identifies this faith-based decision as one of their best. The Fehrs learned that to run a successful business as a married couple, they needed to “know their lane and stay in it” to flourish and not stumble over each other.

Amada Senior Care is rated the number one non-medical in-home care agency in seven counties throughout Middle Tennessee (see and has earned an A+ rating by the BBB for the past six years. It is also the second company in the entire state of Tennessee to earn an A+ rating by the rigorous Home Care Standards Bureau, based in Colorado.

“Our company is built on such Core Values as gratefulness, humble confidence, and urgent attention to all aspects of compassionate care.” As President and CEO, Kevin Fehr explains, “in the beginning we knew one business thing: Culture eats strategy for lunch. To succeed we must pair the right people with the right job to create the best caring environment. Our caregivers are at the heart of what we do: they are the hands, the eyes, and the listening ears for our seniors. We do our very best to make sure they are happy and respected. To help show caregivers we care for them, we have Caregiver Appreciation Day. These core values have brought an astounding 92 % differentiating appeal as ‘A Great Place to Work.’”

While Kevin takes the lead in Business Development, Sales, and Marketing, Kelly serves as the company’s Chief Operating Officer. “Operational oversight of a company that serves over 100 seniors can be a daunting task, but I welcome the challenge. Our goal at Amada is to ensure that our clients, their families, and our caregivers are taken care of. We support seniors so they can live independently while being safe and comfortable, but that isn’t enough. Lending a hand with activities of daily living, or ADLs, is certainly an important part of Amada in-home services, but just as crucial to our team is the companionship that our home care aides provide.”

Amada stands above other home care service companies by offering four types of advisory services for seniors and their families: in-home senior care, senior housing advising, home monitoring, and financial care coordination (help with Long-Term Care Insurance, US Veteran  Benefits, and other funding options—(Free Care Needs Consultation). Financial consultants explain the differences in the eligibility requirements for in-home care, respite care, or care in a nursing home or residential setting, and they even advise private pay clients.

As well as how to make senior care more affordable, our financial and senior housing experts advise on requirements for independent living and the differences between in-home care and assisted living facilities. Focusing on learning the character, disposition, and physical requirements of each client, we develop a senior care plan. Then, we match the client with the qualified Amada caregiver most compatible to offer companionship and serve unique needs—companion care. Not only will our care providers do light housekeeping, errands, and bathing, they will also talk to and listen to your loved ones, take them to the park or on a stroll through their neighborhood if appropriate, and prepare a favorite meal.

Amada wants to see seniors thriving and happy in their familiar surroundings. Kelly explains, “we want sons and daughters to be sons and daughters of their parents, to cherish the remaining moments, and let our professional caregivers do the tough stuff. Whether the senior needs an Alzheimer’s or memory care facility, a nursing home with extensive health care services, or another type of senior living community, clients can depend on our trusted advisors. We only recommend facilities that have passed our stringent review standards. We urge due diligence in searching for appropriate caregivers—not every shop is the same—before choosing Amada.”

Character in leadership permeates society. The Fehrs model Christian care in their home and business by choosing to do the right thing. No doubt, setting the example of serving others has influenced the Fehr children: Jordan (24, newly wed to Tristin), Madison (21, senior at the University of Tennessee), and Mackenzie (10, lover of the Center for the Arts in Murfreesboro).

Working in partnership through cooperation, compassion, and companionship—whether at home or in business, s-p-e-l-l-s Christian care.

Reach AMADA SENIOR CARE of Middle Tennessee at 615-933-7494.
Sheila E. Moss: author of Living to Matter: Mothers, Singles, and the Weary and Broken; Interrupting Women: Ten Conversations with Jesus; and international publications derived from teaching Bible and Christian ethics in Africa, Ukraine, Venezuela, and England; teacher of Bible classes for 35+ years; mother of five adult children and grandmother of eleven grandchildren
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