Meet Stacy

Stacy’s childhood was far from what most children would dream of….drugs, poverty and sexual exploitation took the place of school dances and football games.

She didn’t outgrow these issues as she grew into adulthood, they just followed her. Eventually Stacy found herself on the streets and for seven years called wherever she found to lay her head at night home. After 3 years on the streets, she found herself incarcerated, and while she wanted to get herself clean and straight once she got out, she couldn’t do it on her own. She stayed at the Nashville Rescue Mission and completed all the programs they had to offer…but that wasn’t enough to overcome her history, she needed more support. Finally, she decided enough was enough. She entered into The Salvation Army Supportive Housing program.

Stacy has a lot to fight for…children whom she wants to provide a safer and better childhood for than she herself had. The first step was to get clean and sober. She has completed an Intensive Outpatient Program to help get her started and continues to go to NA meetings to maintain her sobriety. Stacy even had an un-medicated birth of her youngest child so as not to be tempted to fall back into old habits.

She has learned to become a self-advocate and speak up for the needs of herself and her children. She worked with a financial counselor to improve her credit, and applied to have her record expunged in an effort to remove one more barrier to better employment and housing. Stacy is extremely motivated and driven, despite the obstacles she has faced and overcome. Her final step was to secure a permanent home for her family so that they can all move forward together into a brighter future.

Misty Ratcliff, Development and Communications Manager, The Salvation Army –

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