Tell us about the upcoming 3rd Annual Music City Celebration at The Ryman.

Phil – We are excited this year to have some stellar Christian artists join us for this great event! Featured artists will include the one and only TaRanda Greene, the dynamic ministry of Charles Billingsley, one of the absolute best a cappella groups on the planet – Voices of Lee and the 175-Voice American Festival Choir, comprised of choirs from all across America!

When is the concert?

Phil – The concert is Monday night, October 17th at 7:30 pm at the famous Ryman Auditorium.

How can attendees obtain tickets?

Phil – There are both paid tickets and free general admission tickets. For paid tickets, go to

Artist circle tickets are available and include a meet and greet with the artists along with a signed gift, a famous Ryman Hatch Print of the concert and VIP seating.

For FREE General Admission tickets, attendees can simply scan the QR code on our ad on the back page of this magazine and follow the simple instructions. For questions, simply email us at [email protected] or call (615) 771 – 2665.

What exactly does Celebration Concert Tours do?

Phil – Our passion is to get choirs outside the walls of the church in ministry and provide “travel with a purpose” to the greatest destinations and concert venues in the world. Our mission is to offer outstanding travel and ministry opportunities that are life-changing for each participant and spiritually significant for each community we visit.

What are some of the trips you have coming up?

Phil – After the Music City Celebration, we host The 12th Annual Christmas in New York, featuring a concert at Carnegie Hall on Monday, November 21st with TaRanda Greene, Charles Billingsley and the American Festival Choir.  2023 includes The 2nd Annual Branson Praisefest in March, The Best of Scotland & Ireland in May, Worship in the Holy Land with Lee University in June, The Best of Italy in July, The 4th Annual Music City Celebration in October and The 13th Annual Christmas in New York in November.

All our trips are ministry based with choirs combining from all across America.

Do you have to be a singer to attend the trips?

Phil – Not at all! About 25% of the folks we take on these trips are spouses, family and friends. They always get the best seats in the house for the concerts.

How does someone get in touch with you to find out more about these ministry trips?

Phil – Our website has information on all of our trips.  It is Our staff is always available to help answer any questions. Our phone number is (615) 771 – 2665.

I understand you recently started a new ministry?

Phil – That’s right. Celebration Ministry Staffing just celebrated its second year of providing quality staff members to churches around the world. Our concept is very unique, in that our 75-member Advisory Team (consisting of some of the finest Worship Pastors, Executive Pastors, Senior Pastors, Youth Pastors, etc.) expedites the placement of staff from their wide scope of relationships with those in ministry.  The Lord has certainly given us His favor as CMS is growing and expanding far beyond our wildest dreams.

What makes CMS unique from the other church staffing companies?

Phil – Our signature motto is, “It’s All About Relationships”, which is certainly true in ministry. Our Advisory Team has relationships with thousands of potential ministry staff members and are very efficient at identifying appropriate ministers for specific roles within the church. We are grateful for God’s favor upon this new ministry as we have been able to place many extraordinary staff members in churches all across America. We are blessed to have Kathy King as our COO.  Kathy has many years of experience in ministry, recruitment and job placement.

I encourage folks wishing to make a change in ministry to contact us. Our website is and phone number is the same as above.

Great talking with you today!

Phil – Thanks, Joey!  We love what we do at CCT and always enjoy sharing our vision with folks! Looking forward to seeing your readers at The Ryman on October 17th!

Interviewer – Joey Guarino

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