Father’s Day was invented by American Mrs. Sonora Smart Dodd who wanted to honor her father, a veteran who had, as a single parent, raised his six children. The first Father’s Day was celebrated on June 19, 1910.

Growing up I was blessed to have my father in my life as well as a stepfather for a few significant years. I was fortunate to have unique and wonderful memories with both – they were very different men, and yet both made a strong impression into my life.

 My dad was a hardworking man who was a manager and trainer in the food industry and also worked for the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. He enjoyed hosting neighborhood gatherings and was very faithful to visit my grandparents in his hometown of Rocky Ford, Colorado. Dad was always a Bronco’s fan and would never miss a Sunday game. He also would take us out for a drive on Sundays and listen to Elvis and fifty’s music. He was always ready to spend time together and made the drive up to see me quite often in Denver. Though he and my mom were divorced since I was one, he was consistently involved in my life and never missed an opportunity to cheer me on at my volleyball games and school functions. The consistency was always there and Dad was always a fan of bringing me flowers.

John, my stepdad, was only “officially” my stepdad from age three to eight. He was a military vet who had grown up in Pennsylvania and he had a big family. I enjoyed watching Little House on the Prairie and the Love Boat with him. He was silly and creative – he liked to draw, sketch and paint as well as make animal figures out of clay. I may still have a handmade green clay frog he gave me. The favorite memories I carry of him are when we would drive to the park in his little yellow VW bug, and he would make “crazy eights” around the basketball hoops. We laughed and giggle until I could barely breath.

I remember my dad and stepdad saying hello to each other and being pretty relaxed and casual at the “Handoffs.” I don’t remember any negative interactions or frustrations together. I am so grateful they were respectful to each other. I really do see how God used them both to give me a great foundation of a life to build on…and for that I will forever be grateful.!!!

Tammy G. Daughtry, Coparenting International, Founder – www.ModernFamilyAssociation.com

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