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Proverbs: 21

TRUST…and obey.

Trust and obey Jesus…for there is no other way for grace to answer our sin problem. Easter made

that possible.  Although  we just celebrated His resurrection, as time goes on, let’s not forget that  

He lives…so we live. While we can’t add to…or take anything away from that eternal grace…the

Teacher in the Old Testament in Proverbs has some sound words of encouragement for us.

Our ways in our own sight may seem correct, but remember God knows and weighs the heart.

To do what is right and just by The Lord’s standard is more acceptable than sacrifice.

Haughty eyes and a proud heart are sin.

If we shut our ears to the cry of the poor…we will cry out some day…and not be answered.

If we seek pleasure all the time…poverty awaits us. Pursue God’s righteousness and love…and

we will find the real meaning of life. A wicked person puts up a front…but an upright person will

 consider his or her ways. As Jesus put it…count the cost.

Prayer: Lord, thank You for reminding us again what it means to talk the talk…and walk the walk of

knowing, loving, serving and honoring You.

Lord Jesus, thank You for Your grace that gives meaning and purpose to why we are on

planet earth today. And, thank You for keeping the universe working perfectly. You truly have the whole world in Your hands. Amen.

Ralph Vaughn

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