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The new year brings renewed energy to all areas of your business. Pest prevention should be one of your business goals for 2022.  By starting fast, you can capitalize on the energy a fresh start brings.

Pest prevention can help you achieve goals of increasing your bottom line and streamlining your operations. Pest problems cost millions of dollars if left untreated.

At the same time, professional lawn services can help your business make a great first impression. If you take good care of your bushes, how much more do you take care of your clients and customers?

Waynes is your one-stop for preventing rodents, bugs, and lawn pests from costing you money, and ensuring that your business property is beautiful and healthy. Waynes’ complete service plan gives you a consistent approach across all your business properties. Waynes is ready to help your business start 2022 strong with pest prevention and lawn care.

Smartpest Customized for Your Business

Pest problems, like rodents and bugs, start small but will rapidly demolish your investment in your properties. Waynes knows the importance of rapid response to potential pest infestations.

Our Smartpest Solution is an environmentally responsible solution designed to target a wide range of commercial properties at a cost that fits your budget.

Waynes will make sure pests are not on your business roster with a plan tailored to your location and industry. Our Service Professionals will tour your facility to spot any possible pest infestation hole and look at the documents related to your property layout too.

This level of customization ensures consistent care across your whole property. As a result, you get a streamlined operation that saves money. With a total plan from Waynes, you have one service provider, so your operation has fewer pieces, which will increase your bottom line too.

EnviroLawn Customized for Your Business

With Waynes, the inside of your business is pest-free, and the outside is healthy and green. Waynes provides lawn care and maintenance services to help ensure your landscape is just one more asset to your business.

Make sure your business has a great first impression before new customers ever walk through the front door! With EnviroLawn Services, we provide a non-toxic, guaranteed solution for your grass, shrubs, trees, flowers, and more. Request a free consultation today!

Commercial Pest Control and Lawn Care with Waynes

And of course, nothing beats a human for customer service. Our Service Professional can answer all your questions as well as explain all your treatment options. They will even work with you on adapting to your changing needs.

Start 2022 strong against pests that threaten your business and give your outdoor space the TLC it needs to thrive. Call 866.WAYNES1 or visit our website at today!

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